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The mobile-first Cosmos blockchain

Planq network opens up the full blockchain potential of your phone with easy accessibility.

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Building with adoption in mind

Any mobile device in the world can interact with the Planq Blockchain, thanks to its OS-agnostic design. In the modern world, over 50% of people do not have access to a computer, whether that be a laptop or a desktop. However, more than 80% of people have access to a mobile phone.

By focusing on easy accessibility and close integration of other blockchains via IBC, Planq will push Web 3 adoption in the mobile space to the next level.

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The Native token of the Planq blockchain is $PLQ and is used for staking, governance and transaction fees on all Planq applications. This token can also be easily traded. Get involved with Planq today!

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Planq Roadmap 2023

  • 2023 - Q1
  • Alpha/Beta release of Castrum -
  • Pursue listings on exchanges -
  • Setup public testnet for upcoming upgrades
  • Add IBC bridges to other chains Planq <> Juno, Secret Network, Injective, Kujira -
  • Onboard marketing team and additional external devs -
  • Start website redesign -
  • 2023 - Q2
  • Launch Planq Web wallet beta -
  • Add Cosmos dApp capabilities to Castrum
  • Introduce dApp aggregator to Castrum & Cosmos
  • Finish website design
  • Redesign Castrum based on new website
  • Ramp up marketing and build out socials further -
  • Expand to other communities within the Cosmos -
  • Launch Cosmos dApp library beta -
  • List on a top 15 Centralized exchange
  • Launch token wizard dApp to create your own tokens on Planq -
  • 2023 - Q3
  • Chain upgrade - ICA integration & auto convert incoming IBC tokens to ERC20
  • Integrate Swap into Castrum
  • Launch decentralised exchange on Planq

Our solutions

Planq is the very first cryptocurrency project to keep mobile platform usability at heart, taking a step away from dependency on desktop services. The Planq blockchain is powered by the $PLQ token and The ecosystem is expanding every day.

The first application that Planq launched is Castrum, A mobile wallet that can receive and send crypto to other users, has a fully encrypted chat, and all features the Planq blockchain offers.

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Comence a user seu (cFAST)

Creating the world's first carbon-neutral blockchain was just the beginning

Local and Regional Exchanges

Compatible Wallets

Blockchain overview




Average Block Time

100,000,000 PLQ

Initial Supply


Connected tokens

Our list of supported coins is growing every day, with an emphasis on user-friendliness and accessibility across both mobile and desktop. The upcoming coins include ATOM, OSMO and other IBC enabled tokens.

Full EVM Support

Our services are fully compatible with the power of Ethereum via EVM. Transferring your apps and tokens over is extremely easy thanks to our Ethereum tools and ERC-20 like token support.


Consensus reached using Proof of Stake with low carbon, low latency, and high throughput via tendermint.

Mobile First

Incredible first-time customer experience thanks to our simple and smooth setup.

Fast Finality

A transaction is immediately finalized once its included in a block. No need to wait for confirmations.

IBC Bridges

Planq is connected via IBC bridges to many other blockchains based on the Cosmos SDK. Every single one with its own unique features, which benefit eachother. Currently more than 60 blockchains are connected through IBC.

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Cross-Chain Interoperability

Our network consists of multiple IBC bridges allowing you to build cross compatible DeFi apps.

Meet the Ecosystem

Have an idea? Let’s turn it into a reality…

About Planq

Developers can earn rewards by exploring Planq all year round, looking for bugs and improving security.

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Connect and communicate with people from all over the world thanks to the vast Planq community, whether you are looking for founders, builders, developers, hackers, or anything else.

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